Our vision

Coor Service Management should be the leading supplier of facility management (FM). This means that we want to be the customer’s first choice when selecting service supplier as well as the employee’s first choice when selecting employer.

Our promise to customers

Coor’s objective is to be the customer’s first choice by delivering ‘Service with IQ’—services that continuously adapt to customer circumstances, and continuously improve. Coor has made substantial investments to embed technological solutions into its services in recent years. Coor applies a structured process to identify, develop and launch new innovative solutions in collaboration with customers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders. Coor has integrated some of its most popular solutions under the Smart Solutions concept.


Our main focus is to deliver an innovative service offering, with active engagement with the customer which will lead to long term mutually beneficial relationships and allow us to capture growth in an expanding market.

Our strategies are to:

  • We intend to leverage our strong existing IFM platform to support and drive further growth in IFM
  • Drive growth in single and bundled FM
  • Continue to increase focus on self-delivery in cleaning, catering and property services
  • Continued focus on operational efficiency and overhead costs to maintain and increase margins
  • Continue to follow key customers into Europe