Our vision

Coor Service Management should be the leading supplier of service management. This means that we want to be the customer’s first choice when selecting service supplier as well as the employee’s first choice when selecting employer.


Coor has pronounced strategies within three key areas; market and customer, service offer and service delivery.

Market and customer strategy

Key elements in Coor’s market and customer strategy is to:

  • Exploit market growth to expand the business
  • Identifying larger customers in need of complex service solutions within both private and public sector  
  • Being the leading or main alternative to the primary service management suppliers in each and every one of the Nordic countries
  • Exploit potential for growth within new segments

 Strategy for service offers

Key elements in Coor’s strategy for service offers is to:

  • Offer tailored service solutions for each customer
  • Creating value for our customers
  • Offer our customers one source of contact for all services provided

 Strategy for service delivery

Key elements in Coor’s strategy for service delivery is to:

  • Perform service on site at customer location
  • Perform service by combining Coor employees and subcontractors
  • Develop and ensure quality of service delivery processes with efficient IT-support
  • Recruit, motivate and develop employees