Sustainability Policy

The overarching ambitions of Coor's Sustainability Policy are expressed in a group-wide Sustainability Policy, which sets a broad framework group wide. The contents of Coor's Sustainability Policy can be summarized in the following headings:

  • Coor should conduct an environmental, professional and safe operation
  • Coor should be a responsible employer offering scope for development
  • Coor should make stable and profitable progress resulting from a good ethical and moral attitude
  • Coor should be accountable for its suppliers
  • Coor should deliver accurate and relevant information

Sustainability policy (document)

Sustainability work in 2011

Coor has far-reaching accountability for its own operations and their impact on wider society and the environment, and on its customers' activities. Coor's sustainability work is conducted within financial/business ethics, social and environmental segments. By working actively and on a structured basis on various matters (indicators) in the three segments, Coor contributes to stable and sustainable progress over time. The indicators are decided on a yearly basis.

Business care - for long-term financial sustainability

We take responsibility for stable and profitable progress over time. This provides security for our owner and customers, suppliers and
employees, who can trust that the company will progress stably.

Economic sustainability is achieved through competitive and value-added delivery and the ability to create long-term customer relationships. A sharp focus on results is also necessary, simultaneous with the respect of laws and ordinances and application of good business practice.

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Social care - for long-term social sustainability

We offer our employees a good, safe and non-discriminatory environment, and do good work on health and the working environment. We apply equal standards to our subcontractors.

Working actively on manager and employee development, doing structured work on the working environment and health-promoting initiatives are important components of creating a good working environment.

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Environmental care - for long-term ecological sustainability

Coor's environmental care includes a continuous attempt to reduce the company's own environmental impact, and influencing our customers and assisting them in their environmental work. Coor's accountability is reflected in the standards we set for our suppliers.

Coor's direct environmental impact mainly relates to CO2 emissions (from transport and energy consumption) the usage of chemicals and waste management. Coor ensures structured internal environmental work through its ISO 14001 certification. Coor also works on a structured and active basis on its attempts to assist the company's customers to reduce their environmental impact, and has a proprietary environmental labeling system, Coor Green Services, for this purpose.

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Far-reaching responsibility extending to suppliers

Coor also assumes responsibility for the services the company delivers through subcontractors, and accordingly sets high standards for them, and its major suppliers. When entering supplier agreements, Coor evaluates its suppliers thoroughly based on their technical, financial and organizational capacity, and their overall delivery capacity. Coor also verifies that the subcontractor can satisfy its environmental policy and its Code of Conduct. After signing agreements, Coor also monitors deliveries to ensure they satisfy the initial standards applying in the tendering process.