Support operations can be performed by internal resources in-house or outsourced to external service specialists. Coor operates in the market for outsourced services within the segment known as service management (or occasionally: integrated facilities management, IFM). Coor mostly provides services conducted on site with the customer.

Traditionally service management is divided in five service areas:

Property Services – Hard FM Services

Property services, also known as hard FM-services, is services affiliated to a property or building. Examples of property services: property management, energy optimization and security systems.

Workplace Services – Soft FM Services

Workplace services, also known as soft FM-services, are support operations delivered within a property. Examples of workplace services: reception, restaurant, mail management, food and beverages.  

Industrial Services – Production Services

Industrial services, also known as production services, are services that contribute to effective production. Examples of industrial services: industrial cleaning, component services, waste management and decontamination services.

Back-office Services

Back-office services, also known as second line support, are services supporting the primary delivery. Examples of back-office services: administration and payroll management

IT Services

IT Services are ordinarily used as a separate group. Examples of IT-services are IT-management or IT-architecture.