Seven good reasons to choose Coor

1. More time for your core business

By transferring operational responsibility for your support operations to a specialist, you free up time and resources, which you can devote to developing your core business and sharpening your competitiveness.

2. Proven cost savings of up to 30%

Over the years, we have documented substantial cost savings for our customers. Our experience and tried-and-tested costing models mean we can guarantee cost savings of up to 30%.

3. More flexibility

Differing market conditions create varying challenges. Coor's flexible agreements mean that the level of and scope of service can be easily scaled up or down with changes in the surrounding world, the customers' progress and needs—now and in the future.

4. Access to specialist know-how and methodologies

Coor's customers get access to experience and specialist competence across a raft of key services segments. We also offer quality-assured and effective working processes and methods, supported by state-of-the-art IT systems completely tailored for FM delivery.

5. Proactive work on change

Coor has a strong culture of ideas and adds value for its customers by proactively proposing improvements and change that develop FM delivery.

6. Simplicity and overview

Coor's organisation and delivery is tailored for each customer and there is a dedicated account manager for every customer with ultimate responsibility for the complete delivery. Coor assumes substantial overall responsibility for tactical and operational matters, and continuously monitors delivery on a structured basis. This means that Coor's customers can monitor delivery easily and take the strategic decisions.

7. More committed FM staff

Coor offers all its employees relevant training and individual development opportunities to guarantee a strong culture of service. This gives our customers more committed FM staff.