We put the question about what is the decisive argument, and have published the most usual answers here.

Arguments in order of importance

For private and public sector decision makers the most common reasons for choosing to outsource service operations are as follows*:

  1. Cost efficient for the company
  2. Making it possible to focus on core business instead of supporting service operations
  3. Superior quality and improved service
  4. Execution of necessary changes is easier
  5. Flexibility, fixed costs become variable
  6. Development prospects for employees within in the segment increase
  7. Consistency in the approach
  8. Responsibility for investments are taken over by an external party

Problems running service operations in-house

We also asked the same decision-makers what the main problem was with running service operations in-house. The most usual answers were insufficient time for developing new ideas and solutions, that it’s considered too expensive, that it risks taking up too much time from core operations, and that there isn't sufficient competence in-house to be able to manage and develop internal services and other associated services.

* Market research conducted by Demoskop on behalf of Coor Service Management Nordic wide in 2009.