Frame agreements

Coor is supplier independent, but enters into frame agreements within certain services regarded as strategically important to Coor.

These frame agreements are managed and developed by category managers in the central procurement organization. A large share of the services is procured locally, supported by a professional tendering process and local agreements with clearly regulated business terms and conditions.

Focus on improvement and development

Coor has strong focus on improvement and development of the service delivery in order to continuously add value to our customers. We expect our strategic suppliers to participate actively in this process to enhance the services to our customers in close cooperation with Coor.

Environmental policy and Code of Conduct for suppliers

Our environmental policy as well as Code of Conduct applies also to our suppliers and their potential subcontractors.

Electronic invoicing

As part of our environmental commitment, we want to also support our suppliers to use electronic invoices instead of paper invoices. See our pages about invoicing where you will find information on e-invoicing, how to write invoice reference on the invoice, Coor´s company names and billing addresses.