Our standard ensures quality

Our cleaning assignments comply with our proprietary standard—the Coor Cleaning Standard (CCS). This standard is based on state-of-the-art cleaning technology and covers everything from effective entry solutions, contemporary and effective aids, cleaning appliances and washing units to effective and environmental detergents and logistics solutions. Building on CCS, we tailor training programs and methods according to customer needs and circumstances on site.

Cleaning—all needs covered

We clean all types of building and environment. Apart from daily cleaning we also offer major seasonal clean-ups, building cleaning, relocation cleaning and window cleaning.

Floor care experts

Correctly executed floor care extends floor life-spans and is a prerequisite for achieving cost-efficient and high-quality cleaning. We have the know-how and many years of experience required to select and execute cost-effective, high-quality floor care based on the relevant flooring material and alternative methods.

At the leading edge of specialist cleaning

Hospitals, the pharmaceuticals and food industries are setting higher cleanliness and hygiene standards. Coor possesses in-depth know-how and has many years of experience of cleaning this type of environment, and though our assignment on the landmark NKS (Nya Karolinska Solna) teaching hospital in Stockholm, we're actively participating in selecting materials and developing the cleaning standards of the future in hospital environments.

Effective and attractive entrance mat solutions

Good entry mats create a good impression and effectively prevent dirt and water getting into buildings and cleaning areas. We conduct a full-scale review of each customer´s needs, optimizing the usage of permanent, leased and disposable doormats, thus ensuring a welcoming impression, more cost-efficient cleaning and higher perceived quality.

Cost-efficient and attractive hygiene solutions

Good personal hygiene is an important issue at all workplaces nowadays. We deliver cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and attractive solutions for all hygiene spaces including needs analysis, installation of hygiene systems and topping up toiletries.