In-house enquiries mailbox

If you're a Coor employee with a special question, you can always use our in-house enquiries mailbox. Don't hesitate to put your question to Coor's in-house enquiries mailbox (all questions submitted to the mailbox will be treated confidentially).

Go to inhouse enquiries mailbox

Management direct

Coor's management are open for dialogue with all employees, and there is a special questions forum on Coor's intranet for employees to put questions direct to management. All questions are answered, and you can do so anonymously if you wish.

Other matters and in-house communication

A structured employee dialogue is important for enabling our people to do a good job and feel at home at Coor. Because our deliveries are different, we tailor our employee dialogue to the conditions of each contract.

Firstly, we refer our people to the group-wide and contract-specific channels available at Coor. If you've got any questions about what's happening at your site, contact your first-line manager.