Nomination Committee

Pursuant to the Code, Coor has established a Nomination Committee, whose duty is to submit proposals to the AGM regarding a Chairman of the Meeting, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board, auditor, Directors’ fees divided between the Chairman and other members, and remuneration for committee work, audit fees, and as considered necessary, proposals for amendments to the instructions for the Nomination Committee.

The AGM on 28 April 2016 resolved that the Nomination Committee for the AGM 2017 should consist of representatives of the largest shareholders in terms of the vote as recorded in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden on 31 August each year, as well as the Chairman the Board, who will also convene the Nomination Committee to its first meeting. The member representing the largest shareholder in terms of the vote will be appointed to chair the Nomination Committee.

Nomination Committee 2016-2017

The Nomination Committee appointed for the AGM in 2017 had the following composition:

  • Anders Narvinger, Chairman of the Board
  • Jan Andersson, Swedbank Robur Fonder
  • Ulrika Danielson, Second AP Fund
  • Jan Särlvik, Nordea Funds
  • Malin Björkmo, Handelsbanken Funds

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee in Coor Service Management should have sent an email to, or contact the Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Jan Andersson,, prior to the AGM.