Coor, sustainability

Business responsibility - economic sustainability

Profitability is decisive to the company's existence, but to be sustainable long term, profitability must be balanced with consideration to stakeholders of the company and wider society. Economic sustainability is about taking responsibility for stable, profitable and ethically justifiable progress over time.

Overall objective and strategy

Within economic sustainability Coor's long-term objective is to develop stably and profitably over time, while simultaneously applying good business practice. This is achieved by the company providing a competitive and value-adding service delivery that makes customers satisfied. Ensureing good demand for the company's services and long-lasting collaborations, which is the foundation for stable progress of the company's revenues. A sharp focus on results is also important, while respecting laws and ordinances while applying good business practice.

Economic sustainability efforts

Coor workes towards long-term sustainable economic progress through a clear focus on four areas: increased customer satisfaction through value-adding service provision, stable and positive profit performance, good ethics and morals throughout operations as well as accurate communication and reporting. Work within these focus areas is described in the ""Sustainability Review", and the outcome is also summarized in the table below.

Outcome 2015, within Business responsibility*


Outcome 2015

Increased customer satisfaction through proffesional and value-adding service delivery

Number of customers participating in the group-wide customer survey 1)


Outcome of the customer survey (CSI)


Number of registered completed improvement initiative 2)

6 936

Proportion of operations certified acc. ISO 9001 3)


Stable and positive financial results

Net Sales

7 482 SEK m

Earnings (ajusterad EBITA) 4)

374 SEK m

Salaries 5)

3 328 SEK m

Operative cashflow 6)

274 SEK m

Good ethics and morals throughout operations

Shared Code of Conduct throughout operations 7)


Number of reported and investigated cases of suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct 8)


New and renegotiated contracts with major suppliers include our CoC for Suppliers 6)



*Data excluding the industrial services operations, which was sold in June 2015.

1) Coor conducts regularly an extensive, grop-wide customer survey among contact persons at customers who have co-operated with Coor for more than 1 year. In 2015 the respond rate was 58%. In 2014, only local customer surveys were conducted. From 2015 and on, the group-wide survey will be conducted annually.
2) Number of  proposed improvements completed and registered in Coor's IT based system Actio.
3) Coor has group-wide umbrella certification. Parts of the operations have chosen not to participate, and the per centage indicates participating operations' sales in relation to group sales at year-end.
4) For definitions, see note 1.26, pages 69-70 in the Sustinability report.
5) Salaries, social security contributions, and pensions.
6) For defenitions, see note 1,26, pages 69-70 in the Sustainability report.
7) Coor's Code of Conduct applies to all operations in all the countries where Coor is active.
8) Reported and investigate cases of suspected breaches via the internal whistle blower system.