Environmental service audits

For the seventh year in a row, Coor has conducted an extensive environmental review of all the services Coor provides troughout the Nordic region on a daily basis. The environmental audit was carried out using Coors own environmental tool, Coor Green Services.

Coor Green Services is an evaluation tool that maps all services provided by Coor as well as the effect they have on the environment. A low environmental impact results in the services at the site becoming awarded with either a gold or a silver diploma.

38 Gold, 39 Silver

In the 2015 audit, 86 sites were examined. Of these 86 sites, 38 of them reached the gold level and 39 of them reached the silver level even though the criteria are much tougher than last year. Reaching silver or gold level is hard and requires that our customers actively chooses service solutions with a low impact on the environment.

The sites who reached Gold-level are:

  • Arabiakeskus
  • CGI, Karlstad
  • Coor Service Management, Kista
  • DNVE Stavanger
  • DR (Danish Radio)
  • Ericsson, Copenhagen
  • Ericsson, Jorvas
  • Ericsson, Kumla
  • Ericsson, Borås
  • Ericsson, Linköping
  • Ericsson, Luleå
  • Ericsson, Lund
  • E.ON, Stockholm
  • Fortum, Karlstad
  • GN Store Nord A/S
  • ICA, Helsingborg
  • ICA, Kungälv
  • ICA, Kallebäck
  • ICA, Kalhäll
  • ICA, Borås
  • ICA, Solna
  • ICA, Sundbyberg
  • ICA, Västrås Mimer
  • ICA, Västerås Hacksta
  • ICA, Umeå
  • LF, Stockholm
  • Microsoft, Kista
  • Microsoft, Lysaker
  • NCC, Stockholm
  • NCC, Umeå
  • Oulun Yliopisto
  • Skype Sweden, Stockholm
  • Technopolis Kuopio
  • TeliaSonera, Trondheim
  • Vasakronan, Regionkontor Uppsala
  • Vasakronan, Regeringsgatan
  • Vasakronan, Solna Access
  • Vasakronan, KlaraZenit

Total list of gold and silver awarded sites