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Social responsibility and sustainability

Coor conducts its business primarily in the Nordic region where fundamental freedom rights is governed by law. From a sustainability perspective Coor’s main challenge is to be a responsible and stimulating employer that offers a safe and sound work environment.

Overall objective and strategy

Coors long-term objectives concerning social responsibility is to contribute to a better society by acting as a responsible and stimulating employer as well as actively influencing subcontractors to do the same. This is accomplished by Coor offering a good, safe, fair, non-discriminating and stimulating work environment in accordance to UN’s declaration of basic freedom rights at work (1998). To realize this ambition Coor focuses on health care subventions for all employees, work environment as well as vigorously working on improvements. Entailing actively working on supply chain management.

Social sustainability efforts

Within sustainability Coors efforts are focused on six areas: work environment/safety, health, employee satisfaction, competence development, equality and finally encouraging affiliates and subcontractors to act responsibly as well. This is described and concluded in the company’s “Sustainability Review” each consecutive year. The outcome is  summarized in the table below.

Outcome 2015, indicators within Social responsability*


Outcome 2015

Employee headcount 1)

6 381

- women (share of total amount)


- men (share of total amount)


Structured safety work

Number of accidents 2)


Number of deaths


Health-promotion work

Per centage of employees who responded in employee satisfaction survey 3)


Outcome of the employee satisfation survey (EMI) 4)


Structured competence development for all staff

Yearly appraisal interviews conducted including individual competence development plans for all employees 6)


Share of employees who are satisfied with their appraisal interviews 7)


No. of employees that took the Coor Service School basic training program during the year


No. of managers that took the Coor Management School basic training program during the year


Equal opportinities and equal rights

Number of employees that have experienced discrimination 8)


Share of female managers 9)


Actively influence suppliers to act as responsible employers

Contract loyality, annual average 10)


Apply Code of Conduct to all important suppliers 11)