Coor launches new Smart Solution for relocation services

Coor has developed a new web-based system, Coor SmartMove, to simplify relocation. Collating all the information relating to the move in a single place simplifies relocation and minimizes administration.

Coor SmartMove is cloud-based, so there's no complicated installations. The system collates all staff information in a database that is automatically updated once relocation has been completed. This reduces the administrative work significantly, while also ensuring that the database is always kept up-to-date. Another advantage of the system is that every event is traceable and it's easy to produce reports. To increase efficiency and quality further, Coor SmartMove can be connected to other HR and Space Management systems.

Coor SmartMove can also be used to relocate printers, photo copiers and other office equipment. The system has also been adapted to handle virtual moves, such as the administrative changes that arise when a member of staff changes unit or cost center.

"If a company makes a thousand relocations each year this takes up a great deal of administrative time. We've seen a customer need and created a system that makes life easier for organizations with frequent relocations and a high degree of mobility, and where information about staff location is a factor" commented Eric Barclay, Project Manager, Coor Service Management.

Coor SmartMove is part of a product series packaging smart solutions.  

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