Coor Service Management improves supplier relationship management

With the aim of improving management of the company's major suppliers, Coor is implementing a new online tool, Facilities & Building System (FBS).

Coor Service Management is a major purchaser of products and services, which means procurement issues and supplier relationship management are essential for the company. The natural starting-point is that Coor's customers should be able to trust it to take responsibility for its operations, whether they are in-house or through subcontractors.

With the aim of simplifying and simultaneously streamlining the supplier relationship management process, Coor is now implementing an online tool to qualify and follow up on suppliers, called FBS. This system is a web portal where suppliers upload relevant information on their business activities and various sustainability considerations such as their management of CSR, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality work. FBS will be progressively implemented through the Coor group, initially rolling out in the Danish and Swedish businesses.

"Procurement issues are crucial to Coor, and this is an initiative to improve our supplier relationship management process. We anticipate a high sign-up by suppliers, and will be monitoring progress closely," commented Magnus Krona, Acting Purchasing manager of Coor Service Management Sweden and Denmark.

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