Coor SmartUtilization—tools for better and more effective offices

The cost of office space is high, especially in central locations. Premises are often neither used effectively,nor adapted to new mobile working methods. By adapting premises better, our experience is that the cost of premises can be reduced by up to 30%, while employee satisfaction and productivity increases.

Coor SmartUtilization is a system for measuring the occupancy of various spaces in real time. By combining the application of objective occupancy metrics to different workspaces, such as office space, conference space and meeting space, with an understanding of operational needs, Coor SmartUtilization can help achieve more effective workspace utilization.

Wireless sensors at various workstations react to body heat and transmit attendance information onwards for analysis. The combination of quantitative measurements and interviews creates decision-support data for change. Premises that are better suited to employee needs and working methods are the focus of these change proposals, while premises themselves become more cost efficient. In turn, this helps increase staff satisfaction and productivity.

Coor SmartUtilization in brief:

  • Real-time measurement of workspace occupancy
  • Fast, cost-efficient installation, with minimal impact on daily operations
  • All data captured is completely anonymous
  • Occupancy can also be presented visually in an office plan on the web and/or physical displays
  • Occupancy metrics can be supplemented by in-depth interviews with specialists

Coor SmartUtilization is one component of Coor’s smart solutions. For more information and videos, go to: information, press images etc.are available  

For further information, contact:

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