The smart office for agile employees and workplaces – The launch of a brand new website

As one of the leading service suppliers in the Nordics, Coor Service Management has extensive experience of different workplace solutions. Based on this knowledge Coor has, for more than six years, developed a smart, effective and sustainable office concept shaped for the activity based office with connected and mobile employees. Coor now launches a new website describing this office concept, and where also Coor’s smart, technology-based solutions are collected:

In a well designed office space processes, technology and services must be adjusted to the business conducted and the people working there. This means that a holistic perspective needs to be applied, where all these components collaborate for the best of the employees. The solutions must be flexible, and easily adjustable to reorganizations and other changes – they must work over time. Therefore an important starting point for Coor Smart Office is a holistic lifecycle perspective, which focuses on the employee.

- In today’s society people are more connected and become more mobile, which is something the new smart office must support. We have the insight, the expertise and the solutions needed to meet these new standards. We offer qualified advisory when it comes to planning optimal use of office space, in addition to a large amount of smart, technology-based service solutions for the office. We have now collected everything in one place – a new website that describes our vision of the new smart office, says Kati Barklund, Innovation Manager Workplace Services at Coor Service Management

Coor Service Management has worked with this office concept for over six years. When the company in 2014 moved their headquarters in Stockholm to Kista it was decided to fully introduce Coor Smart Office to the new space. The result was a success – making it an attractive, effective and sustainable office where all employees thrive. The office is also used as a test area, where the company continuously test new office solutions.

- The benefits of Coor Smart Office are several. It contributes to efficient utilization of space, which is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Attractive offices that reflects the business conducted there also strengthens the brand, which contributes to attracting and sustaining employees. Perhaps most importantly, well designed offices contributes to higher satisfaction and higher productivity, Kati Barklund commented.

Visit our new SmartOffice web site:

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