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Working at Coor

Do you have a passion for service, too? Then we’d love to have you at Coor.

Join us

Passion for people. Passion for service.

Over 10,000 people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and job titles work here. But we all have certain things in common—we’re happiest when we’re working together, we like to grow and we love to provide that little something special.

Coor’s employees are our most important asset, and it’s important to us to offer a pleasant, secure working environment with good working terms, good leadership and plenty of opportunity for advancement. Our aim is to make our employees feel that you’re not just your job title, you’re much, much more.

Meet some of your future coworkers

"I look forward to coming to work every day!"

Samina, Hostess at Coor’s head office

What does a typical day look like for you?

“As a hostess, I’m involved in everything and in charge of both the social and practical sides. I greet visitors and make sure everything always looks nice in our office – our conference rooms, the lounge and the kitchen. I order goods, answer calls and e-mails, and sort the mail. Making the day go by is no problem.”

What do you like most about your job?

“There are a lot of things I like! I like helping the people in the building, both the visitors and the employees. Another thing that I really like is that there are so many of us working here, so there is usually a lot going on. I look forward to coming to work every day!”

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

“As we have had fewer visitors, my colleague and I have found time to deal with things that we normally struggle to find time for. We’ve also put a lot of work into preventing the spread of infection at the office and have helped those who work from home to gain access to equipment. Our aim has been to provide the best possible service, but in a different way.”

Woman smiling in black work clothes| Coor
Chef with white work clothes talking to an employee and serving food | Coor

I’m a hands-on person and I want to work with people. That’s why I became a chef to begin with. What’s most important to me is delivering top-notch service, and to do that I need to understand what the customer wants.

In my job as a sous-chef I’m the restaurant manager’s right-hand man. I do a lot of the planning, I show the staff what to do, and I order supplies and manage the office work. I enjoy the variety and the responsibility.

At Coor there’s no ‘That’s how we always do it’ mentality. There’s a real drive here, and if someone comes up with a good idea, they don’t have to fight the management to put it into action. I’ve worked here for three years now, and we’ve developed the restaurant a lot during that time.

We change the menu every week and we’re always experimenting with new ideas. Our creative head chef drops in a few times a year. He keeps us updated on the latest trends in the business and helps us come up with new ideas. We also put a lot of effort into reducing food waste, and we have several solutions we use to reduce our environmental impact.

That optimism and the opportunity for growth are important to me, but what I like best about the job is my coworkers. That’s the best thing about Coor, that they take such social responsibility for their employees. There are 15 of us in the restaurant and we do everything together. That always gives the best results.

"putting 110 per cent into what I am doing"

Yaowaret, Cleaner at a hospital

What does good service mean to you?

“I make sure everything is nice and clean everywhere, in the wards, staff rooms and offices. For me, good service is about putting 110 per cent into what I am doing so that both the customers and the patients are happy.”

In what way do you work sustainably?

“We use single-use materials only if it is really necessary. And we do our cleaning almost entirely without chemicals.”

What is it like working at Coor?

“I am very happy with my job at Coor. Coor is an employer that keeps things in order. Compared with my previous workplaces, my current job is more challenging and I learn new things every day. I also meet lots and lots of people, both health workers and patients. I like that and I’ve made new friends at work.”

How did COVID-19 affect your work during the year?

“I was given PPE (Personal protective equipment) and instructions so that I know how to behave in order to avoid the risk of getting infected or of infecting others. You just need to be careful and wash and disinfect your hands frequently; I’m not worried.”

Woman in Coor employee t-shirt smailing | Coor
Young man smiling in black work clothes with Coor logo | Coor

As an HVAC and plumbing technician, problem-solving is my job. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a stopped-up toilet or a broken radiator. I’ve worked for the private sector before, but I wanted to do more—to be part of something bigger.

There’s a lot of pressure here; it’s crucial that nothing goes wrong. All water and heating to the building has to work at all times. But I like it, I like having a lot of responsibility. I’ve gotten used to coming up with solutions. There’s no other choice, it has to be right on the first try. But we all help out. You’re never alone, and that feels comforting. 

At many of my previous workplaces, I’ve noticed that things stop evolving after a while and every day is just like the last. That’s why the company has to keep developing, or else you stop growing as an individual. I want a supervisor who challenges me, and my boss at Coor does that. I don’t want to just sit and have coffee breaks, I want to really work.

To me, the boss is the best part of the job. He dares to think outside the box and gets us to try new things, while at the same time understanding our job and its limitations. He’s fair and makes us grow as individuals and coworkers. And it’s not just work, work, work with him, either. He pays attention to our feelings and asks me how I view the future, what I want to do after this. He cares, for real.