Business concept and vision

Coor's business concept is to take over, manage and develop service functions in offices, production facilities, properties and the public sector.

Our vision

Coor's vision is to be the leading supplier of facility management in the Nordics. Coor will be the customer's, employee's and investors' first choice when selecting a supplier, employer or making an investment within the service sector.

Value creation for Coor's customers

In order to ensure the company's position as customers' first choice, Coor's ambition is to continuously improve and develop the services offered. The objective is to deliver the market's best and most well-developed service solutions, which are always tailored to the customers' shifting requirements – “Service with IQ”. Coor's intelligent solutions for workplaces and properties creates value for customers through con- tributing to increased productivity, efficiency and sustainability. The engine driving Coor's development work is a strong culture of improve- ment and structured innovation work.

Value creation for Coor's employees

Coor's goal is to be employees' first choice, which it aims to achieve by standing out as a stimulating employer offering a good, secure and non-dis- criminatory working environment. To meet this aim, Coor has implemented a structure for development work, a shared platform for work environment and health as well as attracting the market's best managers and employees.

Value creation for Coor's investors

Coor strives to be the first choice for investors by combining a high dividend yield with a relatively low risk. Coor's efforts to secure the first choice standing involve working to maintain the company's strong position on a market with good growth, which is relatively unaffected by the general economic climate, to deliver stable profits and to keep capital tied up at a minimum, in tandem with a generous dividend policy. In order to sustain this work in the long term, certain other important components are required, including well-functioning corporate governance, transparent communication and the application of sound business practices.