Coor Service Management was formed in 1998, when it was part of the Skanska group. Since then, the company has developed into the Nordic region's leading service management company.


Coor Service Management formed. The company was at that time called Skanska Facilities Management and was part of the Skanska construction group.


Intensive market cultivation gets under way and Coor receives its first orders.


Ericsson's internal service company is acquired in one of the Nordic region's biggest ever outsourcing deals related to service operations.


The Swedish operation expands with several new clients. Polstjärnan – the Pole Star, a tailor-made business game – starts up. Operations launched in Denmark.


Contracts are signed with new clients in new sectors, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Operations in Finland launched.


Coor wins its first major service contract for the manufacturing industry.


Coor receives its first large order for the public sector, to develop and provide services for hospitals. Coor is acquired by 3i, a European venture capital company. Operations also start up in Norway during 2004.


The company changes name to Coor Service Management. Coor expands dramatically in both Norway and Sweden. The company increases its focus on production service by acquiring Volvo's service company.


Turnover more than doubles in 2006. Service companies are acquired in Norway, improving Coor's geographical coverage. In Sweden Coor strengthens its position in the nuclear, processing and manufacturing industries through acquisitions.


With the takeover of a Finnish service company, Coor grows dramatically in Finland. Buyout firm Cinven Ltd acquires Coor Service Management from 3i.


Growth continues – new sectors, new clients, new services. Coor celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Despite the severe recession Coor is continuing to grow, primarily through many new clients. A small operation in Hungary is being started up. Coor is launching a new ecolabel – Coor Green Services.


Coor is commencing new partnerships with several customers, and basically extending all the contracts that are expiring. One of the new contracts is the pioneering deal to design, develop and deliver FM services for the new NKS (Nya Karolinska Solna) university hospital in Solna, near Stockholm. This agreement is a PPP (public private partnership) and runs until 2040 inclusive. The first Coor Green Services audit was conducted.


Coor signs new customer contracts and continues to grow, especially in Finland where the business doubled. A new industrial services organization with five distinct service centers in Sweden is established.


Sales and employee headcount are rising, especially in Denmark, after a major, nationwide collaboration agreement with the Danish Police Authority. Cash flow improved sharply after a group-wide project. Service management company Addici, with Nordic-wide operations, was acquired late in the year.


Mikael Stöhr became our new CEO at the beginning of the year. The group structure of our operations was altered so the four Nordic countries were supplemented with a dedicated industrial services unit. The company's strategy was also altered to expand our customer base through a focus on small-scale operations, and specific strategic service segments. Coor also launched a new product series: "Coor Smart Solutions".


Coor signs the largest-ever IFM deal in the Nordics through a contract to deliver and develop a large portfolio of FM services for multinational energy company Statoil in Norway. Coor launches new Smart Concept solutions, as well as a state-of-the-art web portal for delivery monitoring, the Coor Performance Portal.


On June, 16, 2015, Coor was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, and at the same time, the industrial services operations was sold (which thereafter changed name to Jernbro). Coor together with the Danish Police were awarded the prestigous "Driftherreprisen".


Coor delivers strong result improvements. A new "whistle-blower" system is launched. A Group-wide interal "operational excellence" initative is initiated.