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A sustainable partnership

Coor assumes full responsibility for the services delivered through our subcontractors. Procured services and goods count for a large share of our service delivery and have a great impact on both quality and cost. Consequently, we aim for good long-term supplier relationships and set high standards on our suppliers.

Affärsmodell och vision | Coor

Sustainable procurement – What does it mean for Coor?

Sustainable Procurement means taking into account Coors triple bottom line, Business, Social and Environmental aspects in Procurement processes and supplier choices. It also includes significant environmental impacts and social aspects linked to product/services origin through categorization. This leads to optimizing costs from a TCO-perspective as well as delivering the right quality and minimized risk.


A shorter version of Coor’s procurement policy

This policy regulates in a uniform way how the group manages activities related to procurement as well as defining roles and responsibilities for the area. Purchased goods and services represent a large portion of Coor's costs and play a central role in Coor's delivery to customers. Coor imposes high standards, whereby the purchasing for the business is to be conducted in a professional manner based on Coor's commercial, quality, environmental requirements and Coor’s Code of Conduct (CoC).