Radical innovation will shape the service of the future

The development of AI (artificial intelligence) stands out as the largest general radical innovation that will affect all parts of our working life for a long time to come, says futurist Stefan Hyttfors.

Stefan Hyttfors | Swedish futurist and author | Coor

He has a background as a journalist and economist, and works with topics such as disruption, behavior change and next-generation leadership. His favorite question is quite simple: why not?

New technology and digitization are the most important factors that will change the operation of buildings and offices in the future. For the future, this means that our customers will work more data-driven and base more decisions and improvements on collected data. Smart innovations allow businesses to optimize their energy costs and minimize the environmental impact and smart technology can also increase the well-being of your people. The office of the future will be more than just a workplace, and no doubt it will have an increased focus on creativity and customization. Will the service delivery soon also be based on emotional or rational data from AI?