More intelligence—more satisfied customers

When we started up nearly 12 years ago, our ambition was to offer the Nordic private and public sectors the market’s best and most intelligent services. Early on, we realised that the key to success was to constantly develop and tailor our service provision to support customers’ core operations optimally in every way. We call this intelligent service, which creates business benefits for our customers.

My assertion is that this is far from easy—taking over, managing and developing complex service assignments in dynamic environments is a task and responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness. But I can promise that we do our very best to perform this duty in the best way possible. And I'm delighted to be able to conclude that it's paying off: our annual customer survey is unequivocal—our customers recognise our efforts and are becoming increasingly satisfied with our work. I'm especially pleased that our rating on the question of whether we're proactive in suggesting improvements has risen markedly again this year. I view this as evidence that the major improvement efforts we started two years ago are working well and benefiting our customers—and they recognise them.

Many businesses are now taking an active and structured approach to utilising their people's creativity and ideas as a basis for their work on continuous improvement. Louise Östlund, a change consultant, has written more about this in a new book launched this spring, which we showcase in this issue of Nova. You can also find out about how we're cranking up the pressure of our change efforts, and how this will benefit our customers. Our series on the environment and sustainability continues on one of the biggest issues in our segment—energy.

Here's wishing you a good read, and a really Happy New Year!

Staffan Ebenfelt, CEO of Coor in Sweden