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The Nova newsletter is mainly for people responsible for FM issues and industrial services in different operations—in the private or public sector. Our hope is to inspire and enrich, as well as providing a little food for thought.

Our approach is to write about relevant and urgent issues, to get a feel for the sector and highlight its progress. In 2008, we ran a series of articles on services in recessions, and in 2009, the focus was on the environment. This issue concludes our series on international FM strategies. You can read about what local FM managers should bear in mind to succeed in executing a centrally directed FM strategy, and how Mette Pilgren has succeeded in her role as Facilities Manager at Microsoft Denmark.

In many respects, I think Microsoft has a very sound approach to FM issues. It's about balancing the benefits of standard solutions with an understanding of differing local conditions. Naturally, you don't need to be a multinational corporation to adopt a standard multi-site FM strategy. The approach can also be applied by companies that operate nationally, or public sector operations with a geographical spread. The same applies to the industrial services segment.

We're pleased there's a lot of interest in Nova. Our subscriber base is in steady growth, with opening frequency at a high level. We view this as a success in our ambition of highlighting the issues that our readers are interested in right now. If you've got any suggestions for subjects or thoughts on how we could develop Nova, I hope you'll contact us. Likewise if you want to continue discussion of one of the issues we bring up. Contact me directly, or one of the other contacts at the end of each article. We'll be pleased to offer more discussion and information.

Mats Jönsson, President and CEO

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