A new range of smart concepts

We’re launching a new product range, smart concepts, packaging Coor’s most popular proprietary concepts. Initially, the range includes four smart concepts. If you haven’t tried them, we think its time you should.

With the aim of developing efficient and up-to-date solutions, Coor is using new technology to develop a new product range under the smart concepts umbrella.

“All our smart products simplify life for our service users, clients and service teams,” commented Eric Johansson, Coor Contract Manager, who has participated in developing the smart products.

Eric explains that the development projects are usually triggered by a need identified by Coor or one of our customers. SmartFlow, a flexible mail management process, is an example of such a solution.

“One of our larger customers started to work in a more activity-based way, using flexible work stations. This meant that fixed mailboxes was no longer a good solution, and this triggered the idea behind SmartFlow, a major success with more than 20,000 users amongst several of our customers.”

A common problem with all product development is how to allocate resources to the right projects. It’s important that the solutions really generate customer benefits. Because Coor is a major service provider, it’s possible to pinpoint needs that are similar for a number of customers. There are currently four tried-and-tested smart solutions, with the fifth, SmartMove, scheduled for launch shortly. SmartMove is an internet-based systems solution facilitating staff relocation.

“SmartMove is a system that simplifies the management and completion of staff relocation projects. We provide this service under several of our contracts already, and the system means that we’re able to assist our customers even more effectively,” explained Eric Johansson.

Coor expects to launch a further two to three smart concepts in 2014.

“Coor continually seeks out new challenges and we always try to take what we do further. Ultimately, this means that we aim to make our customers’ daily work a little easier and smoother. Coor’s smart solutions are evidence that our approach works,” concluded Eric Johansson.

All our smart products simplify life for our service users, clients and service teams.

Eric Johansson, Contract Manager, Coor Service Management

Coor SmartRespons—fault reporting made easy with QR codes

Unique QR codes are placed on various objects, such as coffee dispensers, photocopiers or elevators, so that service user can quickly and easily report faults by scanning the code with a smartphone. Scanning the QR code brings up a form where the user simply ticks the relevant fault. The QR code contains information about the object for which the service user is reporting a fault. The case is then logged directly in Coor’s system. To receive feedback, the user just enters his or her email address.Who is Coor SmartRespons suitable for? Customers where most employees have a smartphone. Statistics show that the number of faults reported increases by up to 40% for customers using Coor SmartRespons.

Coor SmartUtilization—for increased workspace efficiency

Coor SmartUtilization measures the utilization ratio for different workspaces. Heat-sensitive sensors register how a range of workspaces, meeting rooms and premises are used. The measurement is anonymous, registering numbers of people, not the individuals present. The utilization ratio can be monitored in real time through a dedicated portal where data is collated. This provides the client with a clear visual picture of how spaces are being used, for example in the form of heat maps. Who is Coor SmartUtilization suitable for? All businesses that want to work actively to ensure space optimization. Coor SmartUtilization is a tool that provides reliable and visual documentation to support informed decisions.

Coor SmartFlow—an efficient mail management system for mobile personnel

Coor SmartFlow is a mail management process. Service users receive a text or email indicating that mail is ready for collection from a central mail distribution point rather than relying on individual mail boxes. Service users can easily deselect advertising or change the mail collection point if moving to different offices (temporarily or permanently) or if they want their mail to be forwarded to another address (home address e.g.). Who is Coor SmartFlow suitable for? Businesses where employee mobility is high, such as project-based operations, or where frequent staff relocation takes place. Coor SmartRespons is an effective solution for activity-based offices where employees don’t work from the same desk every day.

Coor SmartID—an efficient process for identity card management

IT-based process for identity card management—from ordering, authorization, production and final delivery. The system can be integrated with HR and security systems, which facilitates the authorization process and execution. The system can also be linked to a self-service photo booth. Coor SmartID ensures a uniform process with high accessibility and reduced administration. Who is Coor SmartID suitable for? Bigger customers where identity card processing needs to be improved and lead times reduced.