Faster, nicer, sharper and better

Our continuous improvement and development work has led us to make four New Year’s resolutions for 2014, resolutions that we’ll work hard to keep. We’re gearing up and making some changes that we hope will inspire our customers. Our aim is to become an even better service provider.

1. The best solutions on the market

Coor is a service provider for everyone. We already have extensive experience of managing complex solutions for large, demanding customers—we're number one in the Nordics in our field—but we also want to get better at providing cost-efficient solutions for smaller customers. Accordingly, we're packaging standardized solutions with a higher degree of segment customization in 2014. The aim is to increase our share of smaller customers, and we'll work hard to make this a reality.

2. Sharper service provision

Coor offers more than 100 services, and has leading expertise in several of these areas. In 2014, we'll focus on particular service groups: cleaning, industrial service, hard FM and food & drink. Our resolution is to develop our offering and adapt these services to various market segments. We'll also be developing a further two to three unique products within our smart concept range, which we'll be offering to existing customers.

We’re gearing up and making some changes that we hope will inspire our customers.

Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Group Business Development, Coor Service Management

3. Nicer meet and greet

Service provision is largely about our ability to deliver and our attitude. For a year or so, Coor has been working more actively on our attitudes and customer approach. We provide a dedicated "service excellence" staff training program. We'll be intensifying this initiative in 2014. Read more about it in the next issue of Nova.

4. Greener services

We'll be continuing to refine Coor Green Services—our unique tool for examining our service provision from an environmental perspective. Coor Green Services makes it possible to have a constructive dialogue with our customers and to make proactive suggestions for environmental initiatives. We'll continue to focus on this in 2014.