We love feedback!

To become even better, we need to know what needs to be improved. Coor completed a major survey of its customer contacts and service users during the fall. The results are now in, which means that Coor’s work can start.

The survey was intended to measure our customers' experience of Coor as a service provider and to find areas for improvement.

Just over 1,000 customer contacts and close to 3,000 service users participated in the survey. The survey covered Coor's customers in the Nordics and Belgium, Hungary, Estonia and Poland.

Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Group Business Development"I would like to thank all our customers who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in the survey. We'll be using the results to improve the way we operate, build on our strengths and work on our weaknesses," commented Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Group Business Development.

Although the results vary between individual customers, overall customer satisfaction is well. Generally speaking, Coor scores highly on customer relations, service provision and customer contacts. Areas where improvements could be made include information provision.

It’s important to look at each customer and their needs individually.

Rikard Wannerholt, Head of Group Business Development, Coor Service Management

"The survey is an important tool for pinpointing areas that require development. The results are analyzed at group level and—not least—at contract level. It's important to look at each customer and their needs individually", commented Rikard Wannerholt.

Charlotte Almberg, Business Unit Manager of Coor NorwayLocal results are then distributed to those executives that produce development plans for their clients. Charlotte Almberg, Business Unit Manager of Coor in Norway, is responsible for a number of customers and service delivery throughout Scandinavia, and recently received her results.

"We'll start the analysis by defining the improvement potential and what we already do well. We'll then produce an action plan that we discuss with the customer. In our case, we'll be presenting this to our customers early next year," explained Charlotte.

Charlotte emphasizes the importance of reviewing what needs to be done with customers—and the importance of ensuring ongoing follow-up and feedback. It's necessary to take a structured approach to ensure a successful process. For Charlotte's contracts, the actions agreed on by Coor and its customers are then entered into a jointly prepared tactical plan.

"We feed what's been agreed with the customer and which is followed up on an ongoing basis into the tactical plan. We also document both measures and results in the structured Service Management Review that we present three times a year. If I've learnt anything about service provision, it's the importance of finding the right methods for improving our service delivery in a structured manner—and that the work needs to be based on consensus between service provider and client," concluded Charlotte Almberg.