Smarter Worklife

Coor is passionate about the worklife of the future. In our magazine you will find news and inspiration about what makes the worklife smarter, more fun and more sustainable.

We are very proud that Smarter Worklife was nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2019, a competition for best graphic design and communication. Thank you for voting on Smarter Worklife! (category: Editorial, customer magazine).

Part of Smarter Worklife describes our services but the majority of the content is about  topics that are important to us such as innovation, modern workplaces, sustainable business and service delivery. The magazine will give shorter insights but also more in-depth interviews where we meet amazing people who make a difference to the worklife of the future. In this edition we´ve done our best to find out how new technology affects you and your workplace – now and in the future.

Read about how Artificial intelligence impacts our daily life. Or about how health-certified workplaces can increase well-being in a workplace. These are just some of the interesting articles you have to read.