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Coor Cleaning Concept-a uniform cleaning concept

Coor has developed a group-wide cleaning concept, which takes a comprehensive approach to our cleaning services and ensures that we deliver reliable, innovative and quality-assured cleaning services. This gives all our customers the opportunity to standardize operations and compare performance regardless of the country of service delivery.

Coor Cleaning Concept is based on accumulated experience and expertise from across the Nordics. The concept is based on standardized methods and cleaning programs that can be adapted to varying needs and conditions. There are also special adaptations to various customer segments, such as offices, industry, health care and the energy sector.

Cleaning the Coor Way

Coor has identified nine distinct stages that are always part of any cleaning assignment.This relates to our service delivery (tools, materials, hygiene and environment), but also to how we handle our employees, management, measurement processes and latest developments in the field. This is described in our proprietary methodology, Cleaning the Coor Way, which also forms the backbone of the Coor Cleaning Concept.


Coor Cleaning Academy

From 2017 onwards, Coor has operated a dedicated school for cleaning staff, Coor Cleaning Academy. The basic training program includes the Coor Cleaning Concept and Cleaning the Coor Way. The school also provides external training for various specialist tasks, such as courses relating to quality, security or vocational training.

From 2017 onwards, the training is gradually being rolled out throughout Coor's entire cleaning organization. Many courses are offered by internal teachers, although we also collaborate with external suppliers for specialist courses and other elements.