Our cleaning benefits in brief

Coor Cleaning is one of the most developed cleaning offerings in the Nordics.

Competence and commitment

We have the experienced and committed people needed for a satisfying and safe delivery.

Daily cleaning

Almost all assignments involve daily cleaning as a subscription service. We take responsibility and ensure that cleaning is executed in the right way, and in compliance with contracted delivery specifications and applicable cleaning instructions.

Additional cleaning services

In addition to daily cleaning, we offer seasonal cleaning, floor care, window cleaning and interior cleaning.

The right equipment

We use the latest equipment - machinery, vacuum cleaners, trolleys, mops and chemical mixing equipment for effective, environmental, healthy and safe cleaning.

Good order

Coor´s operations have ISO 9001 certification. Functional assignments are delivered and quality assured using the Nordic cleaning standard INSTA 800, supported by a cleaning-specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Other assignments are delivered in accordance with our proprietary quality system, which builds on frequency-based cleaning.

Structured environmental work

Our operations also have ISO14001 environmental certification. Each year, we conduct extensive environmental audits of our deliveries using our proprietary Coor Green Services tool. Our Swedish and Norwegian operations also hold the Nordic environmental certification Svanen.

Continuous improvements and innovative solutions

Cleaning is affected by technological progress in society, and new solutions are always coming to the market. Coor follows and drives development to improve the quality and efficiency of its services. We have a strong culture for identifying and developing new innovative solutions.