Outstanding cafeterias and restaurants

Coor currently operates over 140 restaurants and lunch canteens, as well as a large number of cafeterias and coffee-shops, making us one of the Nordics' largest restaurant operators. Our restaurant operations are characterized by a genuine love of food, smart solutions and passionate staff.

Advanced concepts for restaurants and cafeterias

Coor's proprietary cafeterias and restaurants are usually operated under their own brand. The largest is FOOD by Coor, although there are also some local restaurant brands. Many of our restaurants also offer take away services.

FOOD by Coor - healthy, well-prepared food with personal service and customized offering

Food and beverages should be a source of pleasure and delight. Food should be beautiful, taste great and be beneficial for your body and health. Visiting a FOOD by Coor restaurant should be an experience that stimulates all your senses.

Customizing our services according to local preferences is a key part of the FOOD by Coor concept. We are convinced that responsibility ensures commitment, and our FOOD by Coor restaurant managers have the mandate to customize restaurants according to local preferences. By allowing our chefs creative space, we also give them room to really apply their passion for cooking in their work.

Our ambition is to create a pleasant restaurant environment where visitors can enjoy carefully prepared food, made with fresh ingredients. Our lunches reflect our high level of ambition, but are also perceived as being good value for money, and we're delighted that so many of our guests are repeat customers.

To find out more about our concept, go to the FOOD by Coor website. There, you can find restaurants close to you and manage your restaurant card.

Food by coor

Store and deli solutions

To facilitate the day-to-day work of employees, it's becoming increasingly commonplace to provide store and deli solutions in the workplace. Coor provides qualified advice relating to different solutions, product ranges and payment systems.

Committed staff create a better experience

Because Coor is a service company, a positive customer interface is a key part of our corporate culture. This obviously also applies to all our restaurant staff. All restaurant staff participate in Coor's training program, for example Coor Service School and Starquality Service.

Love taste-not waste

Coor carries out active sustainability work. Our restaurant operations contribute to this in multiple ways, for example by responsible purchasing and minimizing food waste. All our restaurants also apply compulsory measurement of food waste. We aim to source a high proportion of local, organic options, and try to improve the wellbeing of our guests by encouraging them to eat more healthily.