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Office services

Our office services make peoples working lives easier, increasing their motivation and productivity.

A better office workspace and good internal services

We take on responsibility for multiple services designed to create attractive, functional and effective office workspaces. We make sure your visitors gets a professional encounter in the reception, that your people can renew their ID- cards easily. That you can relocate to another site without problem, that your mail services work smoothly, that conference rooms are well presented, and your photocopiers always have fresh paper.

Vast experience from multiple sectors

Coor currently delivers office services to many of the largest corporations in the Nordics as well as various public bodies. For example, we operate over 120 receptions, connect over 31,000 phone calls and forward 40-50,000 mail items daily. Apart from taking care of our customers' meeting rooms and conference facilities, we also operate 15 of our own public conference facilities in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Making things better for your tenants

We also partner with landlords and property managers, tailoring office services packages for tenants, which add value for all people visiting a building.