Hot and cold beverages

Nowadays, good coffee is a big part of people's overall experience at work. Coor is Sweden's largest vendor of hot and cold drinks at work, so we have massive knowledge and experience in this segment. We help our customers find the right range and quality in terms of vending machines and raw materials, based on their varying needs.

Almost all employers now offer their staff coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water. Hot and cold drinks are one of the services Coor delivers most frequently, and our scale enables us to offer customers in-depth know-how and attractive pricing.

Our deliveries of hot and cold drinks often include the following duties:

  • Preparing an optimal range of coffee and water dispensers based on the customer's total consumption and type of premises
  • Identifying the perfect mix of various types of vending machine and coffee flavors
  • Financing the customer's vending machines through the operational period
  • Cleaning machines and surrounding areas
  • Regular top-ups of coffee, tea, sugar, milk and other ingredients
  • Conducting scheduled technical maintenance of machines
  • Responsibility for fault-finding and ensuring that out-of-order machines are replaced

More people are choosing organic coffee

Swapping regular coffee for organic alternatives cuts CO2 emissions by 67% from 900 kg per coffee machine and year to 300 kg per machine and year. Coor wants to help create a greener world, and recommends that all our customers offer their staff organic coffee exclusively. At present, about 50% of the coffee served from Coor's vending machines is organic, and our objective is for the overwhelming majority of the coffee customers serve their people to be organic by 2013.

There's lots of research indicating that coffee is an important part of people's overall experience of their workplaces. Don't hesitate to contact us to start a dialogue on how we can help you offer sustainable, better coffee to your people at a reasonable cost.