FOOD by Coor

Food and beverage should be a source of enjoyment.We have founded our FOOD by Coor concept on our joy of cooking, our customer commitment and our knowledge within the area. But most of all, on our passionate employees.

Visiting a FOOD by Coor restaurant should be an experience for all senses.  We promise you great service, food made from fresh ingredients made by dedicated chefs and a harmonious restaurant environment.

We are convinced that responsibility leads to dedication and for that reason our enthusiastic employees at Coor have the mandate to adapt each restaurant to your needs and wishes. By giving our chefs creative space we also give them space to use their passion for cooking. We believe that food tastes even better when cooked with passion and creativity.

We actively work on sustainability by decreasing our environmental impact as well as improve our customers’ well-being with healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives. As well as encouraging our guests to eat more vegetarian food.  All so that you will feel good in body, mind and spirit.

Our promises

Our FOOD by Coor concept rests on six cornerstones, also known as our customer promises.

1. Customer adaptation

Responsibility creates commitment, and through a decentralized control model we can ensure committed employees and encourage them to use their own creativity to tailor each restaurant to the individual customer.

2. Food enjoyment

Fresh raw materials cooked with love and passion by professional and committed employees creates the healthy and qualitative food our customer’s deserve. We make sure our menus and dishes vary, providing our customers with new and exciting food experiences and real food enjoyment.

3. Personal encounter

Through our proprietary education and our concept “Star Quality Service” we actively work on improving our customer service and ensure our employees go through educations on a regular basis.

4. Ambience

Together with our customer we aim to improve the restaurant environment with knowledge of architecture and acoustics in combination with a modern and timeless visual expression. We create a harmonious restaurant environment.

5. Innovation

We continuously work on innovation, making sure we are at the forefront of development. With extensive knowledge in logistics and state of the art Point of Sales solutions we can create superior flow and shorter queues for our customers. Which ensures both efficiency and a better experience when visiting our restaurants.

6. Sustainability

Central purchasing agreements, coordination of resources and a genuine focus on environmental issues mean value-for-money and sustainable solutions. We actively work on sustainability in ways that is economically beneficial for our customers while lowering our impact on the environment.