Smart technical solutions become part of a smart office

As a leading service provider, we strive to be perceived as the most innovative company in the Facility Management industry. We achieve this goal by continuously identifying, developing and launching innovative solutions that provide tangible values ​​to our customers and ourselves.

At Coor, we focus on understanding how new technologies like the Internet of Things, AI and Mobility can be used to increase attraction, productivity, efficiency and sustainability in an office environment.

Through our comprehensive innovation ecosystem, together with customers, partners and employees, we identify, develop and launch selected services under the collective name Smart Solutions. 

Coor SmartFlow is today used by over 70,000 service users in the Nordic region. The system streamlines the company's mail management and notifies you as a recipient of a letter or package that it is available to retrieve.
Coor SmartResponse makes it easier for employees to report errors through a unique system based on unique QR codes placed in the office and then scanned with a smart phone. Coor SmartReception is a virtual reception where the visitor is assisted by the receptionist via screen. This solution is mainly used on receptions with a smaller number of visitors, creating major cost savings compared with physical crew.

As a customer at Coor, you can expect to have several of our smart solutions implemented in a way that fits your office. Read more about Smart Solutions in the workplace at

Coor Smart Solutions is the name of an array of smart service solutions for the smart office.