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Complex delivery that never stops

In an assignment with high demands on security and complex logistics, close collaboration is key. The relationship between GKN Aerospace and Coor has developed into a partnership where both parties are equally committed to supporting and communicating with each other.

"Coor was able to provide us with a total offering that included all the services we needed, at the right price. This is why we chose to renew our contract with Coor in the latest round of tendering. Coor’s total transparency, including factors such as costs, was also key. This allowed us to build a relationship based on trust, and we’ve established a communication where both parties are really open with each other. This is essential as we’re a demanding customer,” explains Bo Larsson, Director Facilities & Environment at GKN.

GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan manufactures high-tech components such as engine parts for the aviation and aerospace industries. Coor’s more than 100 staff on site are responsible for everything from property services, archiving and security, as well as many of the 40,000 internal transports between the facility’s sites each month. Bo Larsson believes that the complex assignment works so well largely because of careful preparation before the contract became effective. ­

“We spent a lot of time interpreting the agreement together to clarify what it entails, which has created trust. The agreement includes very detailed instructions on how the work should be carried out, not just that it should be carried out."

Bo Larsson explains that clear communication and transparency has provided a platform that permeates all aspects of day-to-day work and facilitates operations, including training. GKN’s production plant is classified as a secure compound due to the stringent demands of the defense and aviation industries, but security also needs to be tight because many of the components are extremely sensitive. Some components literally need to be handled with cotton gloves, and the strict regulations require a high level of staff training. The solution was for Coor and GKN to identify the training needs in a joint effort, and GKN now helps train Coor staff.

“I think that both parties feel we can be very open with each other, so that if a problem arises in daily operations we trust each other – we know that we’ll be able to solve any problems together,” Bo Larsson concludes.

Bo Larsson

Director Facilities & Environment at GKN Aerospace

“We trust each other – we know that we’ll be able to solve any problems together”

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