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A partnership for improved service and a warm welcome

MAN Energy Solutions was looking for an integrated facility management partner that could offer hard FM solutions, and provide an overview and professional reception services to the company’s customers. This led them to partner with Coor.

The contract implies that Coor provides solutions such as reception and restaurant services, as well as hard FM services, external environment maintenance and waste management.

“For us, the decisive factor was Coor’s ability to provide a total offering,” comments Peter Jacobsen, facility manager at MAN Energy Solutions. “We were looking for improved services at the same cost, as well as tools for improving operations across all service areas. Coor was able to offer this, and from the start we felt these were people that we could work well with.”

Coor’s reception services were also attractive to MAN Energy Solutions.

“All our customers are visitors from abroad and it’s important that they’re well received. With Coor’s reception service, we ensured that they get professional and dedicated service,” Peter Jacobsen explains.

Another key element was Coor’s provision of centralized information services and an overview of the status of individual maintenance tasks. This means that timely measures can be taken, and unnecessary work avoided. Coor’s tools and a jointly developed sharepoint provide us with an overview and a great platform for our communication.

“Centralized information services ensure that everyone focuses on the same target when making a decision. At the same time, the new systems have provided us with a far better overview of the maintenance process. Things are improving all the time, and fortunately we have opted for a 5-year contract rather than a 3-year one, so we have plenty of time to develop the partnership. We’re not done yet, and after just six months it’s very clear that we’ve achieved a lot together,” Peter Jacobsen concludes.