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Professionalism and flexibility decisive for Sønderjylland Hospital

When Sønderjylland Hospital decided to tender for cleaning services in 2018, the hospital was simultaneously starting major construction work. This meant that they needed a provider that could deliver reliable high-quality services and be able to work in a building site. This is what led the hospital to select Coor.

"When a public institution tenders for a contract, price is generally the decisive factor,” explains Helle Lausten, Process Manager at Sønderjylland Hospital. “But on this occasion, we chose to focus more on professionalism and flexibility, the collaborative process and staff training.”

Sønderjylland Hospital comprises 3 somatic wards located in Aabenraa, Sønderborg and Tønder. Since 1989, the hospital has outsourced its cleaning services to several different suppliers. Coor, which was known as EliteMiljø at the time, won the tender in 2011. At the time, Coor was selected on price – but were reappointed to the contract on the basis of different parameters in 2018.

“We have sites in three locations, and are in the process of building an entirely new hospital with private rooms,” commented Helle Lausten. “This is a challenging environment for our suppliers and requires them to be flexible as they’re working in a building site. They need to be willing to move staff around and to try out new working methods and routines. When I tell Coor that I want to try something new, their response is unfailingly “yes, we want to be a part of that!” They’ve really lived up to our expectations in this dimension.”

Hospital cleaning is a specialized task, and is fundamentally about patient safety. This meant that Sønderjylland Hospital chose to included staff training in cleaning techniques as part of the tender document. Coor and Sønderjylland Hospital have collaborated on the training of 90 staff members, which has improved their skills and boosted professional pride.

“It’s important that we feel certain that our staff are highly skilled professionals. And the hospital is so clean! A recent external inspection found that this is the cleanest hospital in the southern Denmark region,” commented Helle Lausten. 

Helle Lausten

Process Manager at Sønderjylland Hospital

“When I tell Coor that I want to try something new, their response is always “yes, we want to be a part of that!”

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