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Wide-ranging assignment focused on innovation

How do you improve the overall service level in an assignment that includes restaurant, conference, reception, janitorial and property services? Through innovation and close collaboration, according to Vasakronan.

“Coor’s assignment is wide-ranging, and the challenge is to ensure an even and high-quality service delivery across the board. We’re always seeking to improve our service offering and we can be quick to change. That places high demands on a supplier,” explains Åsa Almquist, Head of Purchasing at Vasakronan.

The partnership between Coor and Vasakronan stretches back to 2009 and includes a wide range of services: restaurant, conference, reception, janitorial services and, since 2018, property services around Sweden. The assignment is based on a high level of trust. More than 200 Coor staff now work at Vasakronan’s properties, which makes the contract one of Coor’s largest.

“Because it’s such a broad-ranging assignment, it’s important that we share the same values, ambitions and approach to working with customers. The techniques Coor employs are very important to us, as they’re the ones who are on site meeting our tenants almost daily,” Åsa explains. 

To optimize the success of the collaboration with Vasakronan, Coor needs to be flexible and responsive while also prioritizing innovation to improve existing services and suggest new solutions.

“Coor is willing to take on our challenges and often responds to them quickly. They also listen carefully to what we want and are good at suggesting new solutions that improve our operations,” Åsa comments.

In the next phase, Vasakronan is looking to develop their service offering to customers – both existing services and within Arena, Vasakronan’s co-worker concept due to be launched in 2020.

“The collaboration with Coor is very flexible, we listen to each other’s wishes and it’s easy for both parties to suggest new ideas and try out new solutions,” Åsa explains. 

Åsa Almquist

Head of Purchasing at Vasakronan

“We can be quick to change. That places high demands on a supplier.”

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