Smart office solutions

Innovative solutions for truly sustainable workplaces.

Smart Workplace Solutions provide a slew of benefits: optimized space utilization, increased productivity and overall wellbeing, for example. Our Smart Solutions are carefully built combining innovative technology with our extensive experience of managing workplaces.

Smart Wellness

Coor’s Smart Wellness Solutions promote health and overall wellbeing in the workplace.

Coor SmartAmbience

Delivers tailored and hassle-free music in your workspaces.

Coor SmartClimate

Monitors, analyses and visualises indoor climate in your workspaces with modern sensor technology.

Smart Spaces

Coor’s Smart Spaces solutions enable optimized workspace usage and increased service user productivity.

Coor SmartUtilization

Monitors, analyses and visualises space utilization with modern sensor technology.

Coor SpaceFinder

Identifies and visualises available space for your service users with modern sensor and app technology.

Smart Flows

Coor’s Smart Flows solutions provide efficient flows of people and things in the workplace.

Coor SmartReception

Enables customer interaction and support from a remote location using HD Audio/Video.

Coor SmartID

Streamlines ID-card and access management through photo stations and digital processes for access control.

Coor SmartDelivery

Registers all incoming physical mail and goods and notifies the recipients when and where to pick it up.

Coor SmartArchive

Secures the availability of information and efficient document handling through digital archiving.

At Coor we are continuously leveraging our innovation ecosystem to identify, develop and launch new innovative solutions that deliver tangible value to our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Smart Solutions portfolio.

Jacob Rhodin

Innovation and Solutions Manager

+46 70 212 42 79