Coor My Workplace

Manage your entire workplace in a single app. Coor My Workplace gives your staff quick and easy access to a range of services in their smartphone. The app allows them to do everything from reporting faulty office equipment and booking meeting rooms to finding a parking space, seeing what's on the menu for lunch and getting the latest updates from their manager.

Coor My Workplace allows you to

View available meeting rooms in real time

The Coor My Workplace app allows employees to view and book available meeting rooms. If the booking system is combined with sensors, they can even check if someone is in the meeting room or if its empty. Read more about Smart Utlization to see how you can make your office space more efficient by utilizing occupancy data.

Communicate with your staff

The app allows you to send information and news to your employees quickly and easily.

Report basic faults

SmartResponse allows you to report faults directly in the app. Just scan the QR code on the printer, coffee machine or screen that needs repairing to send a message to your company’s service desk.

Find parking

For employees that drive to work, it can be helpful to know that they’ll find a parking space when they get there. Coor My Workplace provides a solution including sensors and a map to give users an overview of available parking spaces.

Ensure your staff are climate smart

Another optional functionality is the bike repair service that can be booked through the app. A link to public transport services means that the app also has the potential to show the next departures for trains and buses.

Coor My Workplace in brief

At present, most employees need to access a number of different systems to do what they want to do. Coor My Workplace allows your staff to access all the most popular services with the click of a button.

  • View and book available meeting rooms and other office spaces in real time
  • Collate all service contacts in a single location
  • See the menu at your local staff restaurant
  • Facilitate fault reporting
  • Communicate with your staff through targeted notifications and news.
  • Facilitate travelling to work—by car, bike or public transport

Jacob Rhodin

Innovation and Solutions Manager

+46 70 212 42 79