Coor Smart Ambience is a hassle free and affordable solution which allows you to create the ambience of your choice in selected areas of your office through music.

Coor offers a range of solutions based on the latest technology that aim to improve the office environment. Music can be as important to this equation as light, climate or having the right furniture.

A great work environment complemented by the right music:

  • Offers a welcoming atmosphere for both visitors and employees
  • Enhances the customer experience
  • Helps build your brand
  • Creates different moods during events

Coor Smart Ambience is a subscription service which offers automatic updates of music based on your companies´ sound profile. The service is developed in partnership with Epidemic Sound and delivers a complete sound experience without playlists to maintain and with the security that the music is fully compliant with laws and regulations. Using other music streaming services in a business environment has a number of risks and unanswered practical questions such as “who is responsible for the playlist?” but also legal issues. A company using a commercial music streaming service is also obligated to pay to the local rights societies, which not everyone is aware of.

How does it work?

  • The authors are paid directly
  • Authors and musicians are not members of any copyright organization
  • Only professional composers and musicians are contracted
  • Epidemic Sound has 400+ contracted composers who constantly create new, modern music
  • The service ensures compliance with local laws in all the Nordic countries and means you don’t need to pay licensing fees to STIM, SAMI (Sweden), KODA (Denmark), TONO (Norway) and TEOSTO (Finland).

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