Do you have large amounts of documents that you need to have available in a simple and safe manner? Are you looking for ways to have more storage space? Are your documents stored in many different filing systems, on paper or digitally? SmartArchive makes all your documents easy to access and handle wherever you are, and saves you money while doing it.

What is Coor SmartArchive?

Coor SmartArchive is a service for digitalizing of documents and digital and physical archiving. SmartArchive can be used for purchase and customer agreements, HR documents, physical mail, invoices, waybill (freight documents) and correspondence, i.e. tenders etc.

Scanning and digitalizing can be performed at Coor’s own facilities or at your premises by yourself or by dedicated staff. We provide advice on effective document management and physical archiving in accordance with Nationa lArchives standards. We deliver our services according to the international information security standard ISO 27000, to satisfied customers since 2001.

Customer value

  • All documents in one secure place, accessible only to authorized personnel
  • Frees up space, important for the activitybased office
  • Reduces processing time and makes document handling easier
  • No need for costly investments
  • Scaleable (from 2 up to 50 000 users)
  • Access 24/7 from anywhere in the e-archive
  • Flexible – fully configurable accordingly with customer needs and can be fully integrated with other business systems

Features of SmartArchive:

  • Digitalization can be done by Coor's Scanning Production unit or locally by a receptionist or by the customer itself.
  • Scanned documents can be made available in Coor's e-archive Arkinet or in the customers own system (HR system, Invoice handling system or e-archive).
  • The documents are easily searched and retrieved in the e-archive.
  • The documents are accessible 24/7 in the e-archive.
  • The customer decides which rules that shall apply on system access (who has access, from where, and when).
  • Customer can get notifications and alarms, full traceability and reports.
  • Physical arching can be handled locally or somewhere else by the customer or by Coor.
  • Coor offers secure handling according to legal regulations and customer demands.
  • Documents in the physical archive are available for retrieval.