A better indoor climate for increased productivity and happier employees.

The quality of the indoor climate in the workplace correlates highly with the satisfaction, productivity and well-being of employees. Factors such as temperature, air quality, humidity and noise level are frequent topics of discussion. The perception of these can often differ between employees making it hard to reach a solution that pleases everyone.

How can you be certain your indoor climate provides the ideal conditions for your employees? What exactly are the conditions and what is the employee experience? Coor SmartClimate offers fact-based decision making and solutions based on both quantitative and qualitative data from your workplace.

Automated and real-time measurement

Coor SmartClimate measures the quality of the indoor climate in real-time. Wireless sensors measure data such as Carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity and transfer the collected data into a web-based analysis tool where it can be presented visually. The analysis tool has pre-defined KPIs and charts, providing objective decision support for optimizing the indoor climate. All the information captured by Coor SmartClimate is, of course, anonymous.

Analysis for deeper understanding

The quantitative data in combination with qualitative interviews and analyses performed by Coor’s workplace specialists give you deeper understanding of both the current technical conditions and of how your employees experience the indoor climate in your workplace. It may be too noisy, too cold or the CO2 level may be too high in certain areas.

From fact to smart action

The combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses enables well-founded decision making and a sound basis for discussions with key stakeholders on how to improve. It also allows for different types of solutions to be tailored and put in place to improve the indoor climate both from a technical and an experience perspective. The result is improved satisfaction, productivity and well-being of your employees. This is what we call a smart climate.

SmartClimate in brief

  • Measures the workplace indoor climate in real-time.
  • Collects and visualizes the data in an online analysis tool.
  • Combines quantitative data with qualitative interviews.
  • Analyses the collected findings for deeper understanding of current and desired conditions.
  • Enables well-founded decision making and a sound basis for discussion with key stakeholders on how to improve.
  • Allows for different types of solutions to be tailored and put in place.

Coor SmartClimate p.b. LightAir

Coor SmartClimate p.b. LightAir is a solution that provides clean air at work and improves safety, especially during the pandemic, for those unable to work from home.

Coor offers several solutions based on the latest technology intended to improve the office environment. Clean air provided with the help of air purifiers and virus inhibitors improves employee well-being and reduces sickness absence, so is a real win-win solution for employees and employers alike.

Our solution provides a safe working environment:

  • Eliminates over 97% of airborne viruses
  • Purifies the air from pollen, viruses, bacteria and other hazardous particles
  • Reduces sickness absence and infection risk

Coor Smart Climate p.b LightAir is a subscription service that provides clean air and a safer indoor environment. Our solution is based on products with verified functionality, including a 7-year study by Karolinska Institute that examines the effectiveness of the virus inhibitor. The results of the study have been published in the scientific journal Nature. You can read it here.

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