Flexible offices, re-grouping, relocation and remote working mean the staff in your organization are getting more mobile. Coor SmartDelivery helps your business make mail and parcel management equally flexible.

Although digital services have taken over much traditional business correspondence, the physical management of post and parcels is still a service that just has to work. Coor SmartDelivery is a solution that addresses the new standards of a mobile workforce.

Coor SmartDelivery makes your people's lives easier

Instead of needing to check if any post has arrived every day, recipients get an e-mail or sms if there is mail or a parcel at their pickup point.

Using a web portal, recipients can designate to which pickup point their post should be sent,or if it should be sent to another site, a home address, country cabin, or a colleague for a period. Recipients can also select whether they want to recieve advertising or not. Your employees will save time and recieve their wanted post faster.

Coor SmartDelivery is secure and efficient

On arrival, all incoming post is assigned a unique code and recipient. Since all mail and parcels are registered, they can easily be delivered to the right pickup point and if needed be traced from arrival to received and signed for by the recipient. It also provides full insight regarding mail and parcel volumes. Implementing Coor SmartDelivery usually also enables our customers to free up valuable space since the need for multiple distribution points is reduced.

Coor has successfully implemented Coor SmartDelivery throughout the Nordics. Please contact us to find out how SmartDelivery can make your post service more efficient.

SmartDelivery in brief

  • All incoming mail and parcels are recorded and linked to their recipient on arrival using a unique code.
  • Items are then distributed to the pickup point or address the recipient has designated. The recipient gets an e-mail or text confirming arrival simultaneously.
  • Every service user can choose to which pickup point their mail should be sent using a personalized web portal.
  • Service users can also select whether they want to block specific items, such as advertising.