Digital signage is great for attracting people's interest. It shares a lot of benefits with regular TV, probably the most powerful communication channel. By nature, people's attention is drawn to sound and motion, and this quality can also be utilized in communication.

Welcome your investors

A digital sign in your reception area makes it easy to display each day's meetings, product news, new business, corporate presentations or other information that's relevant to visitors. It creates a professional impression, and can easily be modified to match your company's other communication.

Effective internal channel

Internal messaging via email and physical notice boards runs a high risk of getting drowned in general information flows. Centrally located digital signage attracts greater interest. Information can be kept up-to-date and relevant easily. Digital signage is lively and engages viewers with its colors, videos, newsletters from corporate intranets or social media posts, or anything else that's relevant to your people.

Profitable quickly

Using digital signage quickly becomes more profitable than continuously printing and distributing posters and other analogue material. Digital technology also means that information can easily be updated and amended. No more agony over proofing errors, which in the worst case, can mean costly reprints!

Flexibility on any scale

The content of digital signage can be published from a single location, by in-house corporate communications staff or on assignment from Coor. The editing interface is really user friendly and simple. Every sign can have an individual message, or all signs can display the same message. You can easily start on a small scale with one or a few signs, and build out your system as needed. You can also embed external flows easily, such as news or weather, to create a feeling of topicality and dynamism.

Wireless accessibility

Digital signs can be put up anywhere there's a wireless network (3G/4G). The only thing you need for installation is a power supply. You can also publish content on cell phones to reach people who aren't on site.

Jacob Rhodin

Innovation and Solutions Manager

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