Coor SmartDrone™ is a group of services that uses drones, also known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS). These services help you inspect, document or map inaccessible parts of your properties in an efficient, qualitative and safe manner. Through Coor SmartDrone you can keep track of, and gain valuable insight about, the status of your buildings and grounds.

SmartDrone inspection

Our drones can be used for high altitude inspections, including inspections of roofs, facades, masts, chimneys, etc. Instead of having our technicians work at high altitudes, they can inspect large facilities and grounds by streaming high resolution video from the drones to their hand-held controls. This saves time and prevents accidents as our technicians can stay on the ground while conducting their work.

SmartDrone documentation

Since all of our drones are equipped with aerial stabilization technology and high resolution video cameras, we can deliver clear and crisp videos and photos. This will help you efficiently document the status and maintenance needs of your properties.

SmartDrone mapping

Drones can also be used for mapping your properties from the air. This may be done for a lot of reasons, such as surface measurement, photomapping, 3D-modelling, geographic information system (GIS), etc.

SmartDrone in brief

  • Easy to fly
  • GPS-assisted hover
  • Stabilization technology
  • Automated flight logs
  • High-definition (HD) camera for video and photos
  • Live HD view