Ordering ID cards and accesses usually involves a lot of administration and manual processing. Coor SmartID brings you more secure processing, more flexibility and less administration.

Coor SmartID cuts out the middleman, giving people the capability and authorization to order ID cards themselves.

ID card orders are based on info held in HR systems. Users apply for access levels themselves through the SmartID web portal. The order is referred to line managers or the right person authorized to approve it. If the system doesn’t already have a photo, users can go to the company’s automated photo station, or upload another appropriate photo.

This photo and approved order is then automatically sent for production of the ID card. Once complete, the user gets an email, and then picks up the card at the designated pickup point, or receives it by regular mail.

Greater security and enhanced quality

Coor SmartID can be integrated with the customers HR systems and/or entry control systems, enabling more secure processing. Some info can be generated directly from HR systems, such as automatic verification that an employee is authorized to hold an ID card, as well as info on their line manager.

This ensures that the ID card order and accesses reaches the right person for approval.

The benefits of an integrated process

Coor SmartID is a fully integrated process for verifying authorization, and for ordering and producing ID cards. An automated process enables full traceability from order to delivery. It cuts manual processing and admin, which reduces costs and the risk of errors. The physical production of ID cards can be done in-house or by an external card factory.

SmartID in brief

  • Ordering ID cards is easy from a web portal.
  • An automated photo station captures a photo and links it to the ID card order.
  • The ID card is approved online by an authorized person or management.
  • The ID card can be produced in-house or by an external card factory.
  • The person ordering the ID card receives a notification when the card is ready.
  • The ID card is then sent to the chosen delivery address.
  • The system can be integrated with the HR and/or entry control systems.