The workspace is a large and rising cost for many businesses, especially for those renting office spaces in central business districts and nearby suburbs. From our experience most businesses can cut these costs by up to 30 % by optimizing the use of their workspaces and at the same time increase both employee satisfaction and workforce productivity.

How can you be certain your current mix of office space, conference rooms, quiet spaces, meeting facilities and creative spaces fits your business right now? By using objective utilization measures in various workspaces, combined with an understanding of operational needs through an in-depth interview process.

Automated and real-time measurement

Coor SmartUtilization is a system for measuring the utilization of space in real time. Wireless sensors respond to body heat in a space, transmitting data that can be presented visually in time and space in a web-based analysis tool. The analysis tool has pre-defined KPIs and charts for analysis, providing objective decision-support data for optimizing the workspace.

All the information captured by Coor SmartUtilization is anonymous. The system only register how many people who occupied the space during a specific time period.

Qualitative interviews

In order to understand the various needs of an operation, the statistics generated by utilization measurement is supplemented by qualitative, in-depth interviews conducted by experienced change managers. Coor has a tried-and-tested, well-documented working method for this type of interview, which is conducted on collective and individual bases.

Fact based decisionmaking and successful change

The combination of quantitative real-time measurement data and qualitative interviews enables well founded discussions and decision making. It also supports the change management process once the decided changes are implemented. The result is more efficient use of the workspace, more satisfied employees and increased workforce productivity.

SmartUtilization in brief

  • Workspace utilization is measured in real time
  • Cost-efficient, fast installation with minimal impact on daily business.
  • All information captured is completely anonymous.
  • Utilization can also be presented visually in a web-based office layout.
  • Utilization measurements are supplemented by in-depth interviews by specialists.
  • The combination of quantitative data and qualitative interviews enables fact based decision making and change.