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The future workplace after corona

The Corona crisis is affecting and will affect us for a long time to come. But soon, our employees will return to the offices; How are our workplaces affected and how do we go back in a safe and secure way?

The service is developed in partnership with Epidemic Sound and delivers a complete sound experience. It ensures compliance with local laws in all the Nordic countries and means you don’t need to pay licensing fees to STIM, SAMI (Sweden), KODA (Denmark), TONO (Norway) and TEOSTO (Finland).

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The app allows you to do everything from reporting faulty office equipment and booking meeting rooms to finding a parking space, seeing what's on the menu for lunch and getting the latest updates from their manager.

Examples of what the app provides:

  • View and book available meeting rooms and other office spaces in real time
  • Collate all service contacts in a single location
  • See the menu at your local staff restaurant
  • Facilitate fault reporting
  • Communicate with your staff through targeted notifications and news.
  • Facilitate travelling to work—by car, bike or public transport

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  • Ordering ID cards is easy from a web portal.
  • An automated photo station captures a photo and links it to the ID card order.

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Coor Smart Climate p.b LightAir is a subscription service that provides clean air and a safer indoor environment. Our solution is based on products with verified functionality, including a 7-year study by Karolinska Institute that examines the effectiveness of the virus inhibitor.

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In order to reduce infection risk, you need to consider the kind of workplace or premises you work in, and how they are furnished. Cleaning services are usually procured on the basis of results, standards or frequency, but during the pandemic demand has increased for staffing solutions that focus on flexibility and local adaptations.

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We deliver services ranging from analysis, action plans, change management, audits, business cases and maintenance strategy for critical property systems, to project management and implementation.

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Jens Ebbe Rasmussen, Coor

Jens Ebbe Rasmussen

Senior Vice President Business Development