Coor Awards celebrates our employees

Every year, Coor Awards celebrates the incredible people that work at Coor.

Coor Awards are presented in five categories that reflect the areas that are important to Coor and our continued success: Employee of the Year, Leader of the Year, Sale of the Year, Improvement of the Year and Guardian Angel of the Year. Candidates are put forward on all markets where Coor is active, and the final winners are announced in a formal ceremony at Coor’s annual leadership forum.

How do you become a winner? Meet Hanifa, Sølvi and Jukka-Pekka who are some of the people that have been presented with a Coor Award.

Energy and passion earned Hanifa the title of Employee of the Year Coor

“Hanifa is a highly creative, positive and inspiring colleague and saleswoman – a model member of the Coor family! Hanifa has a strong sense of morals and always has the customer’s best interests in mind. She is also an ambassador for Coor in every way. A truly dedicated enthusiast of star quality. Hanifa loves her job and Coor as an employer, and that is obvious to everyone.”

Those are the words of the jury which named Hanifa Subasic Employee of the Year 2018 at the Coor Awards. Hanifa herself believes her success is largely due to her ability to see all her colleagues and a desire to make everyone’s work as good and simple as possible.

“Receptionist, cleaner, project manager – for me it makes no difference who you are at Coor. I like to ask my colleagues what I can do to make their work easier, and then I pass it on to the customer. That way, we can meet the customer’s needs as well as our own. I make things happen and I want everyone to feel that they really enjoy being here. It’s a combination of caring about everyone and loving what we do.”

Hanifa started working at Coor as an Account Manager for Vasakronan and then became a Project Manager for E.ON. She is mainly responsible for managing relocation projects – vacating old offices and starting up new ones.

Hanifa says that it is the work itself that motivates her in her job.

“I believe in all our services. We make life much easier for our customers by making their workplace more enjoyable. I also feel that we have a high level of service internally and a broad pool of skills, which enables us to help each other. If there is something I can’t do, there’s sure to be a team behind me that can. Because of that, nothing is impossible for us at Coor.”

Leader of the Year braves the language barriers

“With her own experience as a cleaner, great respect for her colleagues and an ability to communicate that crosses the language barriers, Sølvi Hansen has been named Manager of the Year.”

Sølvi Hansen works as a service manager for cleaning services at the Danish Police. She is in charge of a team of 73 employees from a whole host of different countries and backgrounds who work across a wide geographic territory on Funen and a large chunk of Jutland.

Being available and accessible is an art and sometimes a balancing act. A lot of the communication is done by phone and by text message, but she also has time for physical meetings at the customer sites. A challenge for Sølvi is the Danish language, as she herself is from Norway.

Why do you think you in particular were named Leader of the Year?
“I really understand my colleagues and treat them with a lot of respect. But I also demand results. It’s exciting, and there are always things happening when you are dealing with people on a daily basis, and I have a strong “service gene” that makes me want everyone to be happy.”

Danish is not your mother tongue. How has this affected your work as a leader?
“I have personal experience of getting my languages mixed up, and I think this has helped me to relate to and understand colleagues with a different linguistic background. Sometimes body language is not a bad idea; I often use body language to show how to carry out tasks.

Employee of the Year gets others to flourish

Jukka-Pekka Falenius is the former gardener who, today, helps others to grow through his work as a team leader. Thanks to his good relationships with both employees and customers, he was named Employee of the Year for 2017.

You were named Employee of the Year. What makes a good Coor employee in your opinion?
“A good Coor employee is happy and open, and willing to develop both oneself, and the company. I feel that there is every possibility to pursue a career in Coor if one wants to.”

What does your work entail?
“I organize a team of super-motivated professionals, make sure that there are resources where and when they are needed and, at the same time, take care of the relationship with the customer.” A good Coor employee is willing to develop both oneself and the company.

Tell us a bit about your team?
“My team includes ten people, but sometimes it feels as if I have twice as many employees; not just because they are productive, but also because of their broad expertise. We have employees who have experience as lumberjacks, some who can weld and others who can do metal work and take care of machinery. This broad expertise makes both my job and theirs fun and diversified.”